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Greater Los Angeles is notorious for having one of the worst public transportation systems of any major metro area in the U.S. The limited coverage of the Metrolink makes it impossible to navigate L.A. and the surrounding areas of Southern California without driving. This geographic reality means that even a first-time DUI conviction can cost you your job or force you to rely on daily rides from others.

While the prospect of a DUI arrest can be frightening, an arrest is a far cry from a conviction. If you politely decline to answer questions about your activities during a stop or to participate in field sobriety tests or a roadside breath test, you provide the foundation for an effective defense.

Time is of the essence in protecting your driving privileges, reputation and freedom, so you need the best Los Angeles DUI attorney to protect you from the damaging consequences of a DUI conviction.

At Beahm Law, our Los Angeles DUI defense attorneys have built their reputations with our peers, clients and judges by effectively representing clients in the full range of DUI cases including:

  • Driving with a BAC of .08 or above [VC 23152(b)]
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs [VC 23152(a)]
  • Chemical test refusals
  • DUI while exceeding the speed limit by 30 mph or more
  • Drunk driving with a child passenger in the vehicle
  • High BAC
  • Underage DUI
  • DUI accidents with injuries (Great Bodily Harm)
  • DUI with a commercial driver’s license
  • Repeat DUI offenders

What Makes the Beahm Law DUI Defense Experience Unique?

Our experienced L.A. DUI defense attorneys at Beahm Law handle hundreds of charges annually, including a multitude of potential penalty enhancements under California DUI laws. We know that individuals facing incarceration, loss of driving privileges and costly fines and assessments want the best DUI defense in Los Angeles, so our attorneys work diligently to investigate the evidence, review law enforcement reports, task experts to evaluate chemical testing results and challenge law enforcement procedures. From the initial stop to a formal breath test following arrest, our Los Angeles DUI lawyers carefully scrutinize every aspect of the prosecutor’s case, so we can decimate any weak links. We know that you have a choice when hiring attorneys to defend you against DUI charges in Southern California, so our first priority is identifying any basis for dismissal or acquittal.

At Beahm Law, we also recognize that many people charged with DUI have never been arrested prior to their current legal entanglement. Because we understand the anxiety that accompanies an initial arrest, we have a law firm policy that prioritizes effective communication and prompt answers in plain language.

Given that a DUI conviction can impact many aspects of your life for years, we recommend that clients do their homework prior to retaining legal representation. Although any licensed California attorney can defend you against a driving under the influence charge, this does not mean they provide our level of experience, legal knowledge, advocacy skills and personal attention.

Our law firm is the best rated and reviewed DUI defense law firm on Yelp, Avvo and Google. We invite you to look at our reviews and ratings to see why individuals who retain our law firm come back if they run into trouble in the future.

Leaving No Stone Unturned When Fighting for Our Clients’ Future

While clients know that law firms have more than a single client, we are committed to treating you as though we only have one client because for you there is only one case that matters: yours! Our clients expect effective defenses to be presented in a persuasive way which often includes state-of-the-art litigation technology. If you are charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, we will customize our defense approach to the specific facts.

We have built our reputation on successful use of a wide range of defenses including:

  • Challenging the procedures employed in conducting chemical testing
  • Attacking the existence of “reasonable suspicion” to justify the stop
  • Demonstrating the unreliability of FSTs
  • Effectively cross-examining the police officer or other witnesses
  • Exposing factors compromising the accuracy of breath testing like a rising blood alcohol level, presence of “mouth alcohol”, lack of attention during the 20-minute observation period and more
  • Seeking suppression of incriminating statements obtained unlawfully

These are just some of the DUI defense strategies that an experienced Los Angeles DUI lawyer at Beahm Law might assert when zealously fighting for your future. Our DUI defense attorneys know that conviction of an impaired driving offense can have a devastating impact on your life. We will work to keep you out of jail and behind the wheel.

Our Los Angeles DUI law firm offers a free consultation, so you can speak with a knowledgeable DUI defense attorney about your case. Call us at (323) 489-3420 to schedule your initial consultation, or talk to us online 24/7.

For more city-specific DUI information, see: San Diego, San Francisco, Oakland, San Mateo or San Jose.

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