California DUI Attorney

A DUI is a devastating arrest, but it isn't hopeless. Police officers sometimes make critical legal errors. Lab results are not always reliable. False positives for drugs and alcohol occur frequently. At Beahm Law, we use these weaknesses to our advantage to win cases and get great results.

Our team of California DUI attorneys consists of experienced professionals who know how to get the best possible results. We defend clients throughout the state, including the San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland, and San Mateo.

We handle misdemeanor drunk driving as well as DUI Causing Injury, including California Felony DUI, and vehicular manslaughter.

We have a team of leading medical experts, private investigators, lab experts, top insurance agents, and a number of other fantastic professionals on what we like to call the Beahm Team.

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  • Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) test - In this test, the officer will observe the eyes of the person in question as they slowly move a pen or small object back and forth to look for signs in each eye that the person is under the influence.
  • Walk-and-turn test - In this test, the officer instructs the person to take nine steps, touching heel-to-toe in a straight line and the return back.  The officer is looking for signs that the person is impaired. such as not being able to keep their balance or not following the instructions properly.
  • One-leg stand test - In this test, the officer instructs the person to stand with one foot off the ground and hold it for about 30 seconds or until told to put it down.  The officer looks for signs of impairment such as swaying, hoping, or using their arms to balance.

Common Questions

Q: How long will this take?

A: The average DUI case takes about 5 months from arrest to the close of the case, but it can vary greatly. We have had cases take as little as a few months and others that have taken years. How long will this take?

Q: What is the process?

A: After you hire us, we will contact the DMV to schedule your hearing, and begin preparing for your defense in criminal court. The first court appearance is called an arraignment, where we will enter a plea of not guilty and argue any issues such as bail or other restrictions the district attorney wishes to place upon your freedom.

Q: How can I get this DUI off my record?

A: An expungement (known as a “petition for dismissal”) is a motion under California law, typically via Penal Code § 1203.4. The process involves filing a petition to request that the charges against you be retroactively dismissed. If the judge agrees with the motion, he or she will vacate your conviction and dismiss the case. That means if a potential employer asks you if you've ever been convicted, you can honestly answer no! The conviction is gone as if it never happened. After the expungement is granted, an arrest or conviction ordinarily need not be disclosed by the person who was arrested or convicted. If you were never convicted at all, you may be eligible for sealing and destroying your record of arrest via a petition for finding of factual innocence.