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Five Steps to Take If You Are Arrested

Posted by Jason Beahm | Oct 26, 2014 | 0 Comments

1) Do not resist

Even if you believe the arrest is unfair, you should never physically interfere with the police. Doing so will lead to further charges of resisting arrest, and will also likely complicate your case in general.

2) Say “I want an attorney and I wish to remain silent, do not ask me any questions.”

Asking for a lawyer immediately is crucial. You should not feel compelled to answer any questions or do anything beyond provide your identification without a lawyer. You have the right to remain silent, it is up to you to use it.

3) Ask for your phone call.

You are entitled to a local phone call. Keep in mind that the police may listen to the call, unless you call a lawyer. Whomever you contact, ask them to come down to jail to bail you out. Your lawyer can recommend a reputable bail bondsman, and may be able to help you obtain a discounted rate at their office.

4) Do not talk to anyone at the jail about your case

The jailhouse snitch must be as old the jailhouse itself. You might think that all you are doing is commiserating with a fellow inmate. You will likely feel differently when they later try to use your conversation as leverage to save their own hyde. It's best to keep to yourself.

5) Hire an experienced criminal defense attorney

This is not the time to go at it alone, you are in a fight for your freedom. An experienced attorney offers knowledge of the legal system, as well as experience working with the judge and prosecutor on your case. A skilled attorney can be the difference between walking out the doors of the courthouse on your own, instead of potentially spending significant time behind bars.

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