Traffic Offenses Has a Bad Situation Upended Your Life? Don't Face it Alone. 

California Traffic Violation Attorney

Getting a traffic ticket can certainly make for a bad day. But what many people don’t realize is how long that bad day can continue. Points can go on your record. Your insurance rates can go up. Your license can be suspended.

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We specialize in keeping points off our clients’ records. In the process, we save you time, money and stress, while keeping you on the road.

How will a Ticket Affect My Insurance?

In California, a single traffic ticket could cost several times more than just the price of the ticket itself. The potential collateral damage of a traffic ticket is vast. The biggest concern to most drivers is the increase in insurance premiums over the 3 years that the ticket is on your record with a bad mark (referred to as points).

The San Francisco Chronicle looked into the effect of a point on your record in terms of insurance costs. What they found is quite disturbing: A single incident could cost you thousands of dollars over three years.

A hypothetical driver’s premium goes up by an average of 32% in the state of California from a single point.

A recent client had been paying $275 a month for insurance before she received a ticket and simply paid the fine. Her insurance company boosted her rate by 36% to $374 a month. Over three years, that’s close to $3,600 extra.

Common Questions

  • Q:How long will it take to resolve my traffic ticket?

    A:You have the right to a speedy trial, but in most cases, it makes sense to waive this right. By proceeding in a “time waived” basis, we find that the average case takes four to six months to resolve.

  • Q:If you can't get it dismissed, will l still have to pay?

    A:Yes. When you hire our firm you pay for our knowledge and expertise, as well as our track record. However, our ethical requirements do not allow us to guarantee an outcome.

  • Q:I think I may actually be guilty, so why are we saying ``not guilty?``

    A:It’s up to the state to prove that you are guilty. Once you say you are guilty, then the game is over. Even if you believe you are factually guilty, there is usually good reason to fight the charges, so that you do not receive the maximum punishment. We can always change to a plea of guilty or no contest later, if the state offers a deal that you like.

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