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San Jose has become one of the largest cities in California partially by providing a home for transplants that have flocked to Silicon Valley for the employment opportunities provided by the booming technology segment of our local economy. Whether you live in Downtown San Jose, Central San Jose, East San Jose, North San Jose, South San Jose or West San Jose, your driver’s license is a necessity to get around the city for work, shopping and taking your children to school.

The vital role of your driving privileges to effectively navigate and function in Santa Clara County’s largest city makes the prospect of a DUI arrest an alarming proposition.

What Should You Do When Pulled Over While Intoxicated?

While many people assume they will never need a top San Jose DUI lawyer, FBI statistics reveal that over 1.2 million people per year are arrested for DUI in the U.S. If you are arrested while traveling on I-680, I-80 or anywhere else in and around San Jose, you can face devastating penalties. If you are arrested for DUI when encountering a traffic stop or DUI checkpoint, the officer will ask for your driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance. While you need to provide this information, you are not required to answer other questions about your activities or whether you have consumed alcohol or ingested drugs.

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Although you should not lie when these questions are asked, you should avoid answering. One approach is to politely indicate you are not comfortable answering questions without speaking to an attorney about your legal rights. While the officer will not grant this request, it provides a reasonable explanation for your decision not to answer such questions. The officer asks these questions both to obtain damaging admissions and to listen and watch for physical or auditory signs of intoxication. It is also a good idea to ask whether you are free to leave because this question can trigger other rights based on the duration of your stop.

At some point, the officer also may ask you to submit to a portable breath test and perform field sobriety tests, you are not required to perform either of these tasks, which are administered to provide the officer with probable cause for a DUI arrest. Unless you have not had anything to drink prior to driving, our San Jose DUI defense attorneys also recommend declining these tests by inquiring if the tests are 100 percent accurate. The officer will not be able to confirm this, so you again have a reasonable basis to refuse such testing. California’s informed consent law impose consequences, including a mandatory driver’s license suspension, if you refuse a former chemical test following a DUI arrest, but there is no formal penalty for refusing these other screening methods.

San Jose DUI Arrest? – How Beahm Law Can Make a Difference

Other DUI defense law firms in San Jose might use their website to laud their accomplishments and commitment to their clients. We urge you to perform you own due diligence about our law firm by searching Google, Yelp and AVVO, which will reveal that we are the best reviewed DUI defense law firm in California. Our dedication to providing the personal service and responsiveness of a smaller law firm while delivering state of the art DUI defense has earned us rave reviews with our past clients. We represent hundreds of individuals in San Jose and throughout the Santa Clara Valley in DUI cases every year. Our past clients recognize that we are a friend they can count on in their time of need.

When you are represented by a San Jose DUI lawyer at Beahm Law, you can expect that we will begin investigating and analyzing the evidence with an eye toward dismissal of the charges or acquittal at trial. Even if your case might justify a favorable plea agreement, such as reduction to a “wet reckless” charge, we prepare the strongest defense possible to negotiate from a position of strength. You can expect us to utilize the most effective procedural or substantive defenses based on the unique circumstances of your case.

At Beahm Law, we offer a free consultation with an experienced San Jose DUI attorney who routinely gets amazing results for clients. This free consultation permits us to advise you of your rights and to review potential defense strategies and options. Call us at (408) 687-4687 to schedule your initial consultation or, you can talk to us online 24/7 by clicking here.

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