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Sealing criminal records

This is also referred to as expungement. In simple terms, it means that, under California law, those who have been tried and convicted of misdemeanors or even certain felony convictions, may approach the court in order to seal their criminal records. Of course, they would have to have served their sentences and have completed their probation. If their petition is successful, they may start the process of expungement, i.e. wiping their slate clean.

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Of course, not everyone is eligible to be considered for expungement, but do you want to have that millstone around your neck for the rest of your life if you do not have to? Do you want to pay for something you did as a kid forever? Or for something you did in a moment when you were not thinking clearly? Sealing a criminal record would take away the barrier holding you back from decent, well-paid employment, or even further education.

Beahm Law can help people turn their lives around and get back on track. We are a phone call away at 415-463-4297 or 1-844-GO-BEAHM (toll free). We will set the ball rolling and give you all the necessary information and guidance needed for this process.

Advantages of expungement

Besides difficulty in getting a great job and furthering your education, people with a record also find it difficult purchasing property – their record counts against them. The cautious approach taken when dealing with strangers these days, as well as fear of liability, means that background checks are routine, whether in hiring or purchasing. It makes sense, therefore, to find out whether your records can be sealed.

One has to keep in mind, though, that every case is considered on its own merit, and not all applications are successful. Our experience with these matters, however, should give you, our prospective client, an accurate idea as to your legibility while helping you not to make any mistakes when you prepare your personal petition.

If you want to learn more, contact Beahm Law. We will gladly give you more information with regards to this issue.

Remember, a petition that is badly formulated and represented, will cost you time and waste you money – it also has a negative influence on a future petition. By asking a professional for help, your chances of success goes up.

We guide you every step of the way, and our expertise in the area will give you an excellent, accurate estimate as to whether your petition would be successful.

Beahm Law can be contacted at 415-463-4297 or 1-844-GO-BEAHM (toll free).

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