San Diego Expungement Attorney

As you move forward from a past conviction, you might face obstacles due to your criminal record. When this is the case, it might be in your best interest to seek counsel from an experienced expungement attorney to help you clear your record.

Why Expunge My Record?

Once a conviction has been expunged, you do not need to disclose any record of it to any employer – past, present, or future. You will be treated as though you have not had any convictions at all. Moreover, with dismissed convictions, you may have more opportunities to start fresh than you would with a public conviction. With a clean criminal record, you can once again apply for government employment or obtain any state professional licenses. You may also avoid any outstanding threats to your immigration status, such as deportation.

Note that there are several limitations to what an expungement can do. Be aware that an expungement will not:

  • Overturn a driver's license suspension or revocation,
  • Restore California gun rights under California's felon with a firearm law, or
  • End the duty to register as a California sex offender.

In any case, expungement will release you from “all penalties and disabilities” incurred by the conviction, and you will be freed from any significant consequences that might hinder your life after conviction.

Seek an Experienced Expungement Lawyer in San Diego

Many of our clients have said that getting an expungement was the best investment they ever made and that it has paid off for them every day of their life. Whether you are looking for guidance in filing your expungement application or navigating the court proceedings, our team has your genuine interests in mind and will fight for your case.

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