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Law enforcement officers and prosecutors in San Diego aggressively pursue DUI cases which can result in steep penalties because of concerns about public safety. People arrested for DUI often have no criminal record and are from all walks of life.

Whether you are a motorist traveling home from work in downtown San Diego or a tourist driving back to your hotel after a trip to Sea World, a DUI arrest can threaten almost every aspect of your life, including your employment, family relationships, reputation, driving privileges and bank account.

If you are arrested for DUI in Mission Bay, Downtown San Diego, Marina District, Core District, Gaslamp District, Cortez Hill, East Village, Pacific Beach, La Jolla, Hillcrest, Encinitas, Del Mar, Old Town, Solana Beach or any other area in and around San Diego, you cannot afford to face these charges with anything less than an experienced and reputable San Diego DUI defense lawyer. Our Southern California DUI attorneys at Beahm Law recognize the impact of a DUI conviction on the lives of our clients, so we meticulously evaluate the state's evidence, conduct our own investigation and explore all available defense approaches.

San Diego DUI defense lawyer Jason Beahm aggressively challenges the evidence obtained during every stage of a DUI investigation. Because the drunk driving defense attorney you retain can mean the difference between incarceration and a dismissal, we invite you to research your choice by reviewing our ratings and reviews from former clients. Beahm Law is the highest rated DUI defense firm in California on Yelp, Google and AVVO. Our excellent reviews and ratings stem from our focus on meticulously preparing DUI cases for trial while exercising a commitment to providing timely answers to our clients' questions.

What Must the Prosecutor Prove to Obtain a San Diego DUI Conviction?

California DUI laws are complex, so you cannot afford to proceed without a lawyer who focuses his practice on DUI defense. When you are arrested for DUI, you actually face two separate cases: (1) criminal case in court; and (2) an administrative case regarding your driving privileges. If you have a professional or occupational license to work as a lawyer, nurse, physician, dental hygienist, veterinarian, CPA or other license, you may also face disciplinary proceedings that can impact your vocational license.

If you are arrested for DUI anywhere in San Diego or the surrounding area, the police officer will confiscate your driver's license and issue you a pink “Notice of Suspension”. This document will function as a temporary thirty day license and advise you of your right to a hearing regarding suspension of your driver's license. You only have 10 days to request a hearing to challenge your DUI license suspension. You will waive your right to challenge the administrative suspension if you do not request your hearing within this time period. It is important to understand that an acquittal in your criminal case will not affect an administrative license suspension, so you must act promptly to obtain legal representation from an experienced San Diego DUI attorney.

In your DUI criminal case, the prosecutor must either prove that your blood alcohol concentration was .08 percent or above when you were in actual control of your vehicle on a public road (referred to as a “per se” violation) or that your actual physical or mental capacity to drive was adversely affected by alcohol or drugs, which may include illegal drugs, prescription drugs or over-the-counter drugs. The prosecutor can obtain a conviction of the per se DUI violation even if your driving ability was not impacted, as long as the officer had a sufficient legal basis for the initial stop and probable cause for a DUI arrest.

Exemplary DUI Defense: You Cannot Afford Not to Have Us on Your Side

Our San Diego County DUI attorneys at Beahm Law tenaciously attack the state's case to protect our clients from the harsh penalties associated with a DUI conviction. Some of the defense approaches we might utilize include:

  • Challenging chemical testing results
  • Exposing the unreliability of field sobriety tests
  • Seeking suppression of evidence based on lack of reasonable suspicion for the initial stop
  • Filing for a hearing to suppress incriminating statements
  • Demonstrating the breath testing machine was not properly functioning or calibrated
  • Mishandling of chemicals used in blood tests
  • Presenting evidence of factors impairing field sobriety test performance like proximity to traffic, injuries, flu, uneven pavement, high heels or constricting clothing

These are just a few of the defense strategies are San Diego DUI defense lawyers might consider when defending you from DUI charges.

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