Oakland Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Our team of experienced traffic attorneys provides clients throughout California with comprehensive representation to fight speeding tickets and other moving violations. We have extensive experience fighting for clients in cases involving:

  • DUI – Driving Under the Influence
  • Automated Tickets – Red Light Cameras
  • H.O.V. Violations – Carpool Lane Violations
  • Reckless Driving – Street Racing
  • Suspended / Revoked Driver's License – Driving without a License
  • Distracted Driving – Texting or Cellphone Use While Driving

Traffic Tickets: Understanding Your Rights

Moving violations (traffic tickets) are serious. You can potentially have points added to your license, and the fines can be expensive. Simply paying the ticket online, or defending yourself in traffic court, can have major long-term consequences. Insurance rates can skyrocket, driver's licenses can be revoked and failing to appear in court can result in a warrant for your arrest. Don't give up your right to an attorney when dealing with a traffic ticket!

Beahm Law takes the outcomes of our clients' traffic cases seriously. To help us help you, we ask that you immediately begin to document everything you possibly can after receiving a traffic ticket. Even the smallest detail can prove crucial in defending your good name in traffic court.

Our attorneys need as much information as possible in order to provide the best possible defense.

  • Were there any equipment malfunctions, or anything else unusual that had an impact on driving conditions when you received your traffic ticket?
  • Were you stopped in a speed trap?
  • What did the officer state as the reason for the stop?
  • Did you give the officer express permission to search your vehicle?

The details surrounding the alleged violation and subsequent traffic stop are important. The answers to the above questions can impact the ability for evidence and information to be admissible in court. The most important factor in deciding guilt or innocence is whether the evidence the officer has in court is admissible and strong enough to stand up to legal scrutiny.

Maintain Your Driving Record and Defend Your Driver's License

To meet with one of our traffic attorneys to discuss the specific nature of your case, call or contact us now for a free consultation. We can help protect your driving record and driver's license. Beahm Law is standing by 24/7 to defend your driving privileges. Don't fight in traffic court alone!

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