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Are you a first time offender, but you have no convictions? Finding it hard to obtain employment even though you’ve completed probation? Do you want your record expunged but you don’t know if you qualify?

We at Beahm Law will help you determine if your record can be rendered inaccessible by employers and law enforcement.

Call us for a free consultation, we’ll be happy to meet with you. Make sure to bring your rap sheet, which you’ll get from the Oakland police department. From your rap sheet, we’ll tell you in no uncertain terms whether you qualify or whether you do not.

Process to file for Expungement

  • Go to your local Oakland police station and they’ll assist you with acquiring your rap sheet.
  • Go to the courthouse where your last case was.
  • Go to the clerk’s office and ask them to let you see your file. The file will show your case number, the charges you pleaded guilty to, and when the conviction happened.
  • The clerk will give you some forms CR180 and form CR181. Fill them in and hand your completed form back to the clerk.
  • Bring copies of the forms and copies of a proof of service to the Alameda County Office of the District Attorney in the courthouse where the case will be heard.
  • At this time, in Oakland and Alameda county, there’s no fee for an expungement.

After You File
The clerk will set up a date for you to appear for your expungement hearing. Don’t expect it to be in the next few days, because it can take up to a couple of months. When you appear, you’ll either represent yourself, have a public defender if you can’t afford to hire an attorney, or hire us. Once the hearing is done, you’ll usually find out if the expungement is granted that day. Judges look more favorably on applicants that have attempted to make positive changes in their lives and are off probation. They’re not as likely to grant an expungement for people that continue to get into trouble and are still on probation, but it’s not impossible.

Why Should You Hire Beahm Law?
When we represent you, we’ll make this process much less intimidating. This is a stressful process and we do what we can to make it as seamlessly stress-free as possible for all of our clients. In most cases you don’t even have to appear in court!

You could represent yourself, but do you know the law like the back of your hand? This what we do. Trust us, and let us help you.

We’re Here for You!
Beahm Law – Oakland’s best expungement attorneys.
Call us today at (510) 808-6693 for your free consultation or contact us online now.

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"Seriously, give them a call. Professional, friendly, compassionate and VERY effective."

John S. from Yelp

"Worth EVERY penny."

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"Beahm Law has the best DUI attorneys in California hands down. Jason and his team were fantastic to work with. […] Beahm Law saved me thousands of dollars in fines, as well as criminal penalties, and I was able to keep my driver's license. I have no hesitation in giving Jason, Chris, Ted and the rest of the team my highest recommendation. For DUI and traffic, they are the best."

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"Jason is awesome. He successfully defended me in my case, getting the charges completely dismissed. He was a great listener. He is a highly skilled and aggressive advocate. He truly cares about his clients and plays to win!"

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