How to Avoid Violating California Traffic Laws

By October 29, 2013 Traffic Law

As I was driving home yesterday, I was pulled over for allegedly texting while driving. That’s one way to bring in new business. I had the phone in my hand, but I was not texting. In fact, I had pulled over to the side of the road to allow a police car (with lights and sirens activated) to pass from the opposite direction onto my side of the road. In my opinion, I had gone out of my way to navigate safely in a situation that required fast judgment. However, the police officer behind me on a motorcycle saw it differently and wrote me a ticket.

I tell you this story to illustrate a couple of things about California traffic laws:

1) Traffic tickets can happen to anyone, even California traffic attorneys.
2) There are many California traffic laws that you don’t even know about.

In regards to item number one, all I can say is that when you do receive a traffic ticket in California, you have more options that you may realize. Do not admit to anything; be firm but polite. A skilled traffic attorney can frequently help reduce or dismiss the charges against you. (Especially if you don’t compound the situation by causing a scene or otherwise making yourself memorable in the mind of the officer.)

In regards to item number two, the infographic below details twenty-five California traffic laws that you may not even be aware of. Knowledge is power, my friends.

Source: dmv.ca

Source: dmv.com