What to Do When You Get a California Traffic Ticket

By January 12, 2014 Traffic Law

California Traffic Ticket Attorney

The number traffic tickets issued in California, as well as their cost, continue to rise. When most people get a traffic ticket, they get angry, and then soon give up. There is a better way. Especially when you look at the costs associated with a California traffic ticket:

  • A fine of over $500
  • One or more points against your license
  • A record of the ticket on your DMV report
  • An increase in your insurance premiums
  • One or more trips to court
  • Remedial traffic school

A skilled California traffic ticket attorney can often get traffic ticket violations dismissed, reduced, or beat it at trial. In other words: no points on your license, no traffic school, and no increase in insurance premiums. On top of that, no court appearance for you. No one likes to wait in line for traffic court all day.

Many of our potential clients make mattes worse on them by the way they handle the traffic stop. Here is a quick list of 9 tips to help you handle a traffic stop:

1. Quickly and Safely, Activate Your Right Turn Signal and Pull Over To the Right

2. Prepare for the Officer by Rolling Your Window Down, Turning on Your Dome Light and Hands on the Wheel

3. Relax, Breathe, Sunglasses Off, Sit Comfortably

4. Be Polite

5. Let The Officer Speak First. Be Polite. Follow Their Instructions. Do Not Argue

6. Respond to the Officer. Be Formal, but Avoid Sounding Patronizing

7. Ask for Leniency

8. Make Notes of What Happened After You Are Released

9. Consult With a California Traffic Ticket Attorney