How to Fight a 100 mph+ California Traffic Ticket

California Traffic Ticket speeding over 100 mph



Receiving a ticket for speeding over 100 mph is a far more serious California traffic ticket. As soon as you cross into the triple digits, the stakes go up. Potential license suspension? Check. Two points on your license? Check. $2000 fine? Check.

Most 100+ mph cases happen in the outskirts of cities, on the highways in central California, desert areas or in rural populations.

If you are pulled over for allegedly speeding, or committing type of criminal violation (that includes a  traffic ticket) do  not admit guilt–that will make our job much harder when we seek to fight your ticket. For example, the officer may ask you, “how fast do you think you were going?” There is not a good answer to this question. You have the right to remain silent.

It’s best to simply be polite and accept the ticket if the officer plans on issuing you one. It is fine to ask for a warning–perhaps the officer will offer to write down a lower speed. It happens from time to time. Just make sure that you do not become argumentative or do something silly like offer a bribe. (That would be a felony.)

Be mindful of the speed limits, and drive carefully and you will avoid most interactions with the police. However, even the most careful drivers tend to get a few tickets in their lifetimes. Some of it just comes down to luck or chance.

If it happens to be your unlucky day and you get popped with a California traffic violation, we are here to help. In most cases, we can get the charges reduced or dismissed. In other cases, we may be able to win at trial or get you into traffic school.

One piece of parting advice about California traffic ticket law: try not to stand out in the police officer’s mind. If you get bend out of shape and tell the officer that he will “rue the day that he messed with you,” bet on him showing up for your trial with a stack of notes and without any interest in making a deal. Just take the ticket politely and live to fight another day.


  • Darin Ning says:

    I received a ticket the officer said I was going 104 in a 70 mph zone, he got my information and issued the ticket and let me be on my way, what I thought was weird is that they reached in my passenger window and grabbed my backpack and tossed it to my backseat I don’t know if that can help, I really want to get out I this ticket. Please contact me.

  • Monica smith says:

    My 19 year old daughter got a speeding ticket ( 103 mph) coming home from college. She must appear in monterey court by june 5. She has never gotten a ticker before this. She is a full time student Athlete that plays soccer and runs track. She is not able to work due to sports and school. Will a layer help? What should she expect?

  • Phil Wiseman says:

    My son received a ticket for going 100+

  • Kristina says:

    I’m a college student and I got pulled over for going a 100 on a 65. I was coming back to college from home and it was late at night and I was on an empty freeway. Could a lawyer help me?

    • Jason Beahm says:

      Hi Kristina,

      These are two point violations that can result in a license suspension and a big insurance rate hike.

      We can help. Call my office at 415-493-8677.