Behind The Scenes with California DUI Lawyer Jason Beahm

By December 14, 2014 March 13th, 2019 Current Events, DUI Law


Jason: There’s obviously a lot of stigma attached with DUI law. That’s serious. Some people are worried that they’re going to go to jail. Some people are worried that they are going to lose their job.

There’s a number of reasons why an individual should hire a DUI lawyer. Often we can save money. There are a lot of costs involved between insurance and fines. Probably the most important is peace of mind.

People want to know that there’s somebody that has done this before, that can walk them through the process. They can ensure that, whatever the best possible outcome is, that they’re able to get that from their DUI lawyer.

What sets a good lawyer apart from the stereotypes that we often hear about lawyers? That’s a lawyer that understands the particular priorities of the client and has an emotional connection with him or her. They really understand where the client is coming from and work with them to accomplish their goals with integrity and compassion.

I’m an author, a DJ, and a true optimist. My name is Jason Beahm, and I’m an Avvo Attorney.