A DUI is a devastating arrest, but it isn’t hopeless. Police officers sometimes make critical legal errors. Lab results are not always reliable. False positives for drugs and alcohol are frequent. We use these weaknesses to our advantage to win cases and get great results.

Our team of California DUI attorneys consists of experienced attorneys that know how to get the best possible results. We defend clients throughout the state, including the San Francisco Bay Area, Napa, Sonoma, Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange Counties.

We handle misdemeanor drunk driving as well as DUI Causing Injury, including California Felony DUI, as well as vehicular manslaughter.

We have a team of top medical experts, private investigators, lab experts, top insurance agents and a number of other fantastic professionals on what we like to call the Beahm Team.

If you have been arrested for DUI, we invite you to join us for a consultation with a California DUI Lawyer. We will listen to you, provide you with feedback about the strengths and weaknesses of your case, and give you our opinion of the best possible results in your case.