Am I Eligible For PC 1203.4 Expungement Even If I Violated Probation?

We are often contacted by potential clients who want to get their record expunged under PC 1203.4, but who believe it isn’t possible for one of more reasons. Often it is because they violated their probation.

Expungement law is an area in which there seems to be a fair amount of bad information out there. It is important not to make assumptions as to whether or not you are eligible, but to trust in an attorney to make that evaluation. We have obtained PC 1203.4 expungements for many clients who believed that they were ineligible, often on the advice of one of their “legal beagle” friends.

A background check is commonplace today, a career promotion, application for a professional license, immigration change in status, application for Global Entry and TSA pre-check are all occasions that could have your record pulled by someone. Having a conviction on your record can be a huge detriment, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

PC 1203.4 Expungement is available to defendants convicted of most infractions, misdemeanors and felonies. Even in cases where you violated your probation, you may still be able to get an expungement granted by showing that your situation is compelling. We have prevailed in situations that seemed impossible and even hopeless to our clients.

The key is to find what makes your case unique in the eyes of the court. We can help you identify the factors in your life that will make for the most compelling case.

Once granted, Penal Code 1203.4 relieves you of most “all penalties and disabilities” arising out of the past conviction, including: you no longer have to disclose this to potential employers. Further, an order of dismissal from the court under PC 1203.4 can improve immigration cases, allow you to enroll in TSA pre-check or global entry, and help related travel issues in countries such as Canada and Japan.

An expungement can be a game changer. If you have questions, we’re here to help.